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Portsmouth NH Homes | Real Estate Market 2015 Recap


Curious about how the Portsmouth NH real estate market did in 2015?

Ann Cummings NH REALTORAlmost everyone seems to have great interest in how real estate markets perform. We frequently have people asking us questions about the local market.  The media is full of information about ‘the national real estate market’, and yet there is no ‘national’ market.  All real estate is local, and it really can vary greatly from town to town, and even from neighborhood to neighborhood in the same. 

That’s why it’s really important that you consult with local real estate professionals to get the straight facts about your local market.


This report will show you how the Portsmouth New Hampshire homes and condos real estate market performed this past year (2015).

Portsmouth NH Homes Activity – 2015:

*  During 2015, we saw 293 homes in Portsmouth NH come on the real estate market for sale, with an average asking price of $529,242.
*  Of those homes that were for sale in Portsmouth last year, 207 homes sold.
*  The average selling price of those homes was $480,108, and the average amount of time it took to sell those homes was 44 days.
*  Sellers, on average, received 98% of their last asking price.

Portsmouth NH Condos Activity – 2015:

*  During 2015, there were a total of 232 condos that came on the market in Portsmouth NH for sale, with an average asking price of $521,117.
One hundred and fifty three condos sold in 2015, and the average selling price of those condos was $373,226.
*  The average days on the market for those condos that sold was 42 days.
*  Sellers of those condos in Portsmouth, on average, received 97% of their last asking price.

Are you thinking about buying or selling real estate in Portsmouth NH or in the Seacoast areas of New Hampshire or southern Maine?  We’d love to talk with you if you are – send us an email or give us a call at 603-436-1221!

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