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New Castle NH Quaint Little Village

Newcastle NH is a quaint little village, an island actually, that is full of antique-vintage style homes. It has a wonderful feel to it, has its own elementary school, and the little town center area is made up of the post office, the fire department, a little mom-and-pop store, and a church. New Castle is also home to a coast guard station.

Newcastle NH Great Island Common

Great Island Common is a beautiful seaside park on the water, at the mouth of Portsmouth Harbor. It’s a great spot to bring your family and friends for picnics, gatherings, a little quiet time, and just watching the river and ocean traffic. We love the Common and love catching the moon rising over the water, especially the full moons.

A great destination hotel, one of the ‘grand dame’ type old hotels, Wentworth-by-the-Sea, wentworth by the sea hotel near Portsmouth, NHis located in Newcastle. Right across the street from the hotel is Wentworth Marina, where you’ll find boats of all varieties docked there, especially in the summertime. Two causeways connect Newcastle to the mainland, which bring you to Portsmouth on one end and to part of Rye across the other causeway.

New Castle NH Homes

With New Castle being a small island community, there are not as many homes or condos for sale at any given time as you’ll find in surrounding towns. So, when one becomes available it’s important to schedule a time to see the property, as soon as possible, so you don’t miss an opportunity.

If you’ve been thinking about buying a home in New Castle or the general Seacoast areas of NH and Southern Maine, this just may be the right time for you!

If you’d like to make your home here in the Seacoast areas of NH or southern Maine, let us know – we’d love to show you the area and help you find that special home just right for your needs. We love living here and we know you’ll love this area too!

Call us or email us – we’re here to help you with your real estate needs – and Our direct number is 603-436-1221, call or text us.

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