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Portsmouth NH Real Estate is headed in the right direction

Portsmouth NH Real Estate

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In a recent Gallup poll, Americans were asked to rate 24 different business sectors and industries on a five-point scale ranging from “very positive” to “very negative.” The poll was first conducted in 2001, and has been used as an indicator of “Americans’ overall attitudes toward each industry”.

For the first time since 2006, Americans had an overall positive view of real estate, giving the industry a 12% positive ranking. Portsmouth NH real estate has had a positive ranking for several years now.

Real Estate “Heading in the Right Direction” | Keeping Current Matters

Americans’ view of the real estate industry worsened from 2003 to the -40% plummet of 2008.  Gallup offers some insight into the reason for decline:

Prices Dropped

“In late 2006, real estate prices in the U.S. began falling rapidly, and continued to drop. Many homeowners saw their home values plummet, likely contributing to real estate’s image taking a hard hit.”

Housing Bubble

“The large drops in the positive images of banking and real estate in 2008 and 2009 reflect both industries’ close ties to the recession, which was precipitated in large part because of the mortgage-related housing bubble.”

Bottom Line

“Although the image of real estate remains below the average of 24 industries Gallup has tracked, the sharp recovery from previous extreme low points suggests it is heading in the right direction.”

Now that real estate is moving in the right direction you should consider whether or not buying or selling your Portsmouth NH real estate fits into your life plans.

Call Ann Cummings or Jim Lee today to schedule an appointment at your convenience to see what your buying or selling options might be.

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We’re licensed and experienced in both states and can assist you with your buying or selling needs.

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