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How to Get the Most Money When Selling Your Seacoast Home

Selling a home requires some planning, preparation, and know-how, especially if you want to maximize the return on your valuable investment. Selling a home on the Seacoast of Maine or New Hampshire is no different—it takes time and effort, home selling experience, and definitely some market savvy to get the most for your home And if you’re selling property in the UK then make sure you give local estate agents a chance as many now have the same prices as the online-only agents but offer a much better local service, like this estate agent in Bristol.

Here’s how you can be sure to sell your Seacoast home for top dollar.

Step 1: Get Prepared

doing research when selling a home on the seacoastWhether you’ve sold homes before or this’ll be your first sale, it’s good to make sure you’re prepared for the task ahead. That means doing some research into the home selling process and everything that’s involved—from pricing and staging to negotiating and closing.

Step 2: Spruce Up Your Home

painting a home before sellingEven if you think your home looks pretty good, there are probably still a few things you can do to make your home really stand out to buyers. That might mean a deep clean, a new front door, or something a little bigger, like calling some commercial roofing companies in Centennial Colorado for a new roof or some kitchen updates.

Once you’ve tackled the bigger repairs and renovations, you’ll probably want to give a little thought to your decor, color scheme, and other basic staging tips.

Step 3: Price It Right

pricing a home before selling itOne of the most crucial steps to selling a home quickly and for maximum price is to set the price right. That means you can’t just slap a price on your home because that’s what you want, need, or expect to get. You can get a decent idea of what your home is worth using an automated property evaluator… but it’s always best to confirm with your Realtor.

Step 4: Keep It Showroom Worthy

beautiful showroom worthy home on the seacoastBuyers find homes online, but they typically make decisions about homes in person. That means you’ve got to make your home available to buyers who want to see it in person… and you’ve got to keep it looking as nice as the pictures.

Step 5: Find the Right Agent

shaking hands with a new real estate agent when selling a home on the seacoastThe most important step to the selling process is finding the right real estate agent. Because frankly, you won’t really have to worry about the rest if you’ve got a good agent taking care of it for you! Plus, a top-notch agent will be able to negotiate on your behalf to ensure you’re not only getting the best price for your home, but the best terms and contingencies, too.

You’ll want to choose an agent who’s got years of proven experience in the area, tons of market knowledge, outstanding marketing resources, and plenty of room for creative approaches, too.

Selling Your Seacoast Home in 2019?

If you’re thinking of selling a home on the New Hampshire or Maine Seacoast, then it’s time to contact Jim & Ann. We’re here to help you get prepared, price your home right, and list it with ease.

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