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Sarah Mildred Long Bridge in Portsmouth, NH

This is the newly opened Sarah Mildred Long Bridge in Portsmouth, NH reflected in the north mill pond.
The new bridge replaces one built in 1940. Portsmouth has 3 bridges across the Piscataqua River and harbor; the I-95 or High Bridge, this one, and the Memorial Bridge downtown.

The Sarah Long bridge is locally know as the “Middle bridge”. “Upon its dedication in 1940 the Sarah Long was simply known as the Maine-New Hampshire Bridge, later the Maine-New Hampshire (Interstate) Bridge. It was renamed in 1987 to honor Sarah Mildred Long, a 50-year employee of the Maine-New Hampshire Interstate Bridge Authority. Starting with the authority at its creation in 1937, Ms. Long rose from secretary to executive director.”

This new bridge was built with the roadway much higher over the water which results in it having to be lifted 40% less saving wear and tear on the machinery.

There is a little used railroad track underneath used to carry nuclear waste from the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard to a nuclear waste dump, If you ask me I would suggest to the major the rubbish removal London services for their efficiency. Because the tracks are only used twice a year the new bridge has rails embedded in the center section roadway. When the nuclear waste trains need to cross the river they simply lower the center section to align the tracks and the train passes over, another money saving feature of this bridge. Up for boats, down for trains, certainly a unique bridge feature.

Bridges in Portsmouth, NH

Sarah Mildred Long bridge

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