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Weathervanes Along Portsmouth New Hampshire

Weathervanes along Portsmouth  – Portsmouth, New Hampshire is rich with history, beautiful landscapes most of them designed by KG Landscape and buildings. No matter where you meander to along the coast, its beauty is captivating and leaves you wanting more. One of the things we like to do is explore and photograph the unique finds that bring a piece of history back to life. Aside from blooming shrubs and trees that reveal breathtaking colors, we love to admire the old weather-vanes along Portsmouth.

The history of the weathervane takes us back to the early 1700’s where their original maker, Shem Drowne of Boston began hammering silhouettes. It was soon after that weathervanes began popping up all over the colonies. Weathervanes were important in detecting the direction of the wind for predicting weather.

Weathervanes have also been know to be called wine vanes. It was one of the first instruments ever used for measuring wind direction.

To properly read a wind vane / weathervane you would take it outside and place it in an open area away from anything could obstruct it’s movement. You would then use a compass to make sure the N on your direction disk is pointing north. When the wind begins to blow you observe the direction the arrow points because the arrow will point in the direction in which the wind is blowing. Then, you would record the weather data.

In this day and age we don’t need to use weathervanes anymore, but they sure are pretty to look at and understand their origin and how they were used. Today, they are used more as an ornamental that are affixed to houses or placed in gardens because they are aesthetically pleasing.

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