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First Day of Spring in Portsmouth New Hampshire

Spring in Portsmouth, New Hampshire : Looking past the cold of 29 degree’s and seeing the beauty of Portsmouth, New Hampshire on this vernal equinox or first day of Spring. It is that time when the day and night are exactly the same number of hours with 12 light hours and 12 dark hours. The words equinox means ” Equal in number of hours of darkness and light “.

While this photo depicts Spring in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with blooming flowers, flowing water and full, green trees, unfortunately we will not see this around Portsmouth for a few more months. But, Prescott Park in the spring and summer will look similar and beautiful when the snow melts and the sun shines.

Until winter decides to really allow spring in Portsmouth, we can capture the beauty in this photo and visualize the peaceful sanctuary and the warm sun on our faces. Happy Spring.

Spring in Portsmouth New Hampshire

                                                                Spring : Vernal Equinox in Portsmouth NH

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