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New Hampshire Prescott Park Photo of The Day

Portsmouth NH Parks

Waterfront Prescott Park in Portsmouth NH

New Hampshire Prescott Park – NH Photo Gallery

Through the fence posts you can see Piscataqua River and the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard beyond that, this fence installed with the best materials for this, you can learn more about this at

The sun just seems to make the snow glisten even more. Here, along the New Hampshire Coast we love making pit stops and capturing these moments on camera.

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Our beautiful waterfront park is picturesque and captures the beauty that all of Portsmouth NH has to offer.

Prescott Park is a ten-plus acre waterfront park in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, United States. The land was donated to the city of Portsmouth by two sisters, Josie and Sarah Prescott in 1940

Whether winter, summer or fall Portsmouth NH has some of the most beautiful places to stroll and visit. Want to know more about Portsmouth NH ? Contact Ann or Jim, your real estate team of experts.

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