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Two Portsmouth NH “supermoons” are on the way

Two Portsmouth NH “supermoons” are on the way

This moon over Portsmouth will be full on December 3rd and also on December 31st making two full moons in December of 2017. When there are two full moons in one calendar month the second one is called a “Blue moon”.

Moon over Portsmouth NH

Moon over Portsmouth NH

Because two full months in one month is a fairly rare occurrence, happening once every 2.7 years, the second one is called a blue Moon. I think it will be pretty cool to have New Year’s Eve 2017 also coincide with a blue moon.

Blue moons happen so far apart that is the likely origin of the phrase “Once in a blue moon” meaning something that does not happen very often.

Why does the moon appear blue sometime? Nothing to do with timing but the effect can be caused by smoke or dust particles in the atmosphere, as has happened after forest fires in Sweden and Canada in 1950 and 1951, and after the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883, which caused the moon to appear blue for nearly two years. Other less potent volcanoes have also turned the moon blue.

Both December full moons will also be “Supermoons” named because the moon is at its closest point to earth or perigee, and appears about 12 to 14% larger than a normal full moon. Be on the lookout for these two very special full moons in December.

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