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Trees and shrubs add visual appeal to any Portsmouth NH homeowner’s lawn or backyard — but only when they’re in tip-top shape. Better Homes & Gardens and HGTV offer some key maintenance tips.

Beautiful gardens in a Portsmouth NH home


To keep your Portsmouth NH plants lush and healthy, prune dead branches or leaves regularly. If a plant is already infected with a disease or pests, pruning can help prevent spreading and extend the plant’s life. Experts suggest dipping your pruning shears in bleach or rubbing alcohol in between cuts to further kill disease or pests.

When you prune depends on what kind of tree or shrub you have. The basic rule of thumb is to prune plants when they are not in bloom or are on the verge of blooming. For example, shade trees are best pruned in late fall, winter or early spring, when they’re typically leafless.

And keep in mind that while light pruning is OK to do on your own, it’s best to hire a professional if larger branches need to be cut.



Just planted a tree? If the tree is in its first two years, water it more frequently, since the tree is expending energy to grow. Experts suggest 30 seconds with a steady stream of water from an ordinary garden hose. You can also add mulching to your regular routine to try and retain moisture.

One note of caution: Be careful not to water trees as frequently as the grass. Too much watering can cause the tree roots to grow too close to the surface, which means that the water is actually suffocating the roots.

Pest Control

The most important thing you can do to maintain a pest-free environment is to check your plants thoroughly for insects and oddities — such as black spots on the leaves or holes in the wood — on a regular basis. Anything amiss could mean the plant has been infested with pests. Experts suggest periodically blasting leaves with a hose to shake off any clinging pests.

Garage Makeover

It might seem like your Portsmouth NH garage is only good for cars and out-of-season junk, but consider your garage an extra room. With just a little bit of creativity and effort, it can become a fully functional part of your home, also add a cat boarding Melbourne has if necessary to be part of the garage.

48 Bridle Path 031

There’s a lot of room in an average garage that can be used for things other than cars.

Just as many Portsmouth NH basements or attics are finished, complete with heating, air conditioning and wiring, garages can be as well, so is better to get specialists for this, from sites like ​ Whether you’ve got an extra houseguest or a surprise live-in relative, the garage can be the perfect spot to host visitors and give everyone a little extra privacy. Invest in decorations, furniture and even carpet to keep the garage looking habitable, even when not in use.

The garage is also the perfect place for entertainment. Incorporate fun add-ons such as a pool table, ping-pong table or even foosball. Having people over to watch the big game? Convert your garage into the ultimate football haven with big-screen TVs and a built-in bar in the corner.

Last, consider using your Portsmouth NH garage as a workroom or a photography or woodworking studio. The garage also can serve as a home gym, if there’s not enough room in the main home to store treadmills or a weight bench..

Just in case you don’t own a Portsmouth NH home with a garage, we suggest browsing New Hampshire Maine Real Estate to see some awesome garages with attached and detached homes.

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