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Portsmouth NH Harbor Cruise

The Portsmouth Harbor Cruise during the just ended New Hampshire Association of Realtors annual convention in Portsmouth was one of the more memorable and enjoyable events.

250 New Hampshire Realtors set sail on the Piscataqua River and Portsmouth Harbor this past Monday evening on the 90-foot Victorian steamship M/V Thomas Laighton for a night to remember.

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These are the views everyone saw as we pulled away from the dock and headed out into the harbor. From the water you get an unparalleled view of the Portsmouth harborfront.

Portsmouth NH Harbor & downtown

We sailed under the Memorial bridge and past waterfront condos and offices.

Portsmouth NH Memorial bridge from downtown Portsmouth NH to Kittery ME Downtown Portsmouth NH from the harbor

Below the sun sets over Portsmouth harbor and the now closed Portsmouth Naval Prison on the right. The white building is a blockhouse at Fort McClary located across the harbor in Kittery Maine. The blockhouse was part of the Fort and constructed around 1944. Fort McClary started out as defensive breastworks in the late 17th century.

Portsmouth New Hampshire sunset over the waters of Portsmouth Harbor Blockhouse at Fort McClary circa 1744

Below on the left is Portsmouth lighthouse which sets on New Castle Island and on the right is Whaleback light. Whaleback light warns ships off the dangerous Whaleback Ledge which is completely underwater at high tide and has been the cause of several shipwrecks as early as 1700.

Portsmouth New Hampshire lighthouse on New Castle NH Island Whaleback lighthouse guards the entrance to Portsmouth NH Harbor

Convention cruisers talk above ship and admire the passing scenery. The Seacoast Board of Realtors was the cruise host; President Jim Therrien in the red shirt was a great ‘recreation director’. Below right cruisers enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Seacoast Realtors chat during the NHAR convention harbor cruise in Portsmouth New Hampshire Realtors enjoy the sunset above the Thomas Laighton harbor cruise

A pair of lobstermen below out checking their traps. The cold waters of both New Hampshire and Maine provide lots of great, fresh seafood to our dinner tables in the Seacoast area. On the right a sailboat passes Portsmouth lighthouse on the way into the dock.

New Hampshire lobstermen check their traps in Portsmouth Harbor Sailng past Portsmouth lighthouse on New Castle Island

In the “how can this possible get better” department, there was also a full moon Monday. Harbor cruise, full moon, and a boatload of fun loving Realtors, all ingredients for a marvelous time.

Below left a pair of kayakers paddle across a moonbeam reflected on the water. On the right New Castle Harbor settles down for the night. On the right we pass New Castle Island as it settles in for the night.

Kayakers paddling in the moonlight Moonrise over Portsmouth New Hampshire Harbor and New Castle Island

And as we arrive back at the dock,  lights are on at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard left and downtown Portsmouth on the right.

Harvest moon shines on the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Night views of Portsmouth NH Harbor from the water

Just for fun I cranked the zoom lens all the way up on my new Canon PowerShot camera to see how close to the moon I could get. I made the one on the left, the one on the right if from the NASA website.

Full moon from Portsmouth NH Septermber 12, 2011 NASA photo of full moon

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We’re Ann Cummings and Jim Lee, area residents, area Realtors, and always happy to help with questions and real estate advice.

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