Portsmouth NH Sellers | These 7 Mistakes That Could STOP Your Home From Selling

Attention Portsmouth New Hampshire and Seacoast NH sellers, don’t make these 7 mistakes that could stop your home from selling.

1.  Not looking at ALL the current listings and recently sold properties within a certain radius of your Portsmouth NH house. Be sure to compare; age, size, amenities, bedrooms, baths, and other factors both buyers and lender appraisers (Yep, you have to ‘sell’ your home to your buyer’s lender appraiser too) consider. Pricing a property to sell is part art and part science. Make sure to get an emergency plumber and electrician to fix all the last minute details as these fixes could significantly increase the price of your house, Electrician Maitland it’s an excellent choice for your needs, thus giving you the authority to demand an increased price.

2.  Not considering current market conditions. Market conditions around Portsmouth NH were almost certainly different when you bought your property whether it was last year or 20 years ago. Price in today’s market for today’s buyers.

portsmouth sales Portsmouth NH homes sold, pending sales, and closed sales from 2002 to present year.

3. Not having a selection of GOOD photos as well as a video and a virtual tour. Today’s Portsmouth NH home buyers are sophisticated and most likely looking online. Unless they can see some great imagery of your property to cause them to want to pay it a visit, your chances of selling go way down.

nathaniel QR code Use your smart phone to scan this QR code and see one of our ‘cutting edge’ selling tools (or just )

4. Not marketing to your friends and neighbors, as well as passers by. First of all, folks you know around Portsmouth NH tend to be in same socio-economic group as you. There’s a good chance they may know a buyer. Was your neighborhood blanketed with “Just Listed” post cards? A flyer box out front may be old fashioned marketing but an updated flyer with a QR code  and website like NewHampshireMaineRealEstate.com  often compels buyers to take a look and make an offer

just listed All our sellers get high qualify, “Just Listed” post cards mailed to the nearest 100 homes around theirs. Old fashioned marketing, yep, but it causes people to notice our listings and call about them.

5. Not staging your Portsmouth NH house to sell. The property you live in is not the property you’re selling. Set the stage to make it as visually appealing to potential buyers as possible. Staging pays huge dividends in a faster sale and higher sale price. Portsmouth Realtor Jim Lee is an accredited stager and includes staging as a no extra cost, value added service to all his and partner Ann Cummings’s listings.

6.  Not having regular communications with your Portsmouth NH Realtor. Getting feedback from showings lets you adjust to comments buyers have. Getting regularly scheduled reports of marketing activity keeps you apprised of Seacoast New Hampshire market conditions which change just like the weather.

New Hampshire Seacoast The entire New Hampshire Seacoast has only about 17 miles of ocean frontage and includes the coastal towns of: Portsmouth, New Castle, Rye, North Hampton, Hampton, Hampton Falls, and Seabrook. Exeter, Dover, Durham, and several other smaller towns make up the New Hampshire Seacoast area.

7. Not being found online. Where do buyers search for Portsmouth NH property online? New Hampshire Maine Real Estate.com is one place. That’s where your Seacoast New Hampshire property needs to be and not just on one Seacoast area website either. Multiple websites are where 90% of Portsmouth NH buyers are and where you must be.

For more home selling tips for Portsmouth NH and New Hampshire Seacoast as well as southern Maine home sellers visit Our seller’s section at New Hampshire Maine Real Estate.com and make sure you don’t make These 7 Mistakes That Could STOP Your Portsmouth NH Home From Selling.

Visit our New Hampshire Seller’s section to get a quick ‘over the web’ estimate of your home’s worth or schedule an appointment for us to do a complete Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) for a better tool to use in pricing your Portsmouth NH home so sell in today’s market.

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