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Four Tips for Buying a home in Portsmouth, NH


Are you considering buying a home in Portsmouth, NH, or the New Hampshire Seacoast this year? We can point you to grant funds for your down payment or closing costs. Give us a call, and let’s talk. Direct number: 603-436-1221; call or text

email us: or

Here is a small sampling of the assistance we can guide you toward to help buy a home in Portsmouth, NH or other New Hampshire Seacoast towns.
1. Up to $10,000 to help with your down payment and closing costs. You do not need a ton of cash to buy a home.
2. Up to a $2,000 interest tax credit every year, you have a mortgage for the life of the loan!
3. Credit scores as low as 620
4. Income up to $129,600 in Portsmouth, NH
5. Purchase price up to $525,000

Let’s talk soon about making you a New Hampshire homeowner; it’s easier than you think. Here is our contact information

We can put you in the photo below sooner than you think.

happy homebuyers with Ann and Jim

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