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Do you know the top reasons your house isn’t selling?

There are lots of reasons a house doesn’t sell or is getting little or no activity. Read the following to see if you or your house is mentioned.

  • It’s overpriced. This is one of the most common reasons and the most easily corrected if done in time. If you have lots of showings and no offers or very few showings, that’s a clue that your price may be too high for the current market you’re in. Check the most recent comparable sales again and consult with your Realtor about the best price for now. On this website you can get help to replace your roof.
  • Your listing is being poorly presented. You only have seconds to catch a buyer’s interest with appealing photos and descriptions that tell a story about your house instead of merely listing rooms and amenities. High-quality photos, virtual tours, floor plans, well-written descriptions, and other quality marketing efforts place your house in front of buyers in the best light. You might want to add a few accessories to get the buyers attention. Many homes have a pools, but sometimes that isn´t all that exciting for buyers. If you really want to get them interested, add some accerssories from so you can really get their attention.
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  • You insist on being present at showings because, after all, who knows more about your house than you. Don’t do that. Buyers often feel inhibited with owners following them around talking while they’re trying to look and picture themselves living. if you need help selling you house AZ Home Offer pays cash for homes in Tucson. Take a walk or drive while your house is being shown.
  • You’re too attached to your house. If you refuse to budge an inch on price or any other conditions you’ve attached to your sale there’s a good chance you’re too emotionally connected to your house. If a part of you really doesn’t want to sell or you think your house is the best thing around you could be setting yourself up for failure in selling, maybe what you need is a renovation with roller shutters Melbourne included.
  • You haven’t done a thorough cleaning. When selling you need to make sure items you don’t generally notice or clean are made spotless. Things like ceiling fan blades, baseboards, behind and under furniture, your front door and entryway, and other areas. You might consider having a professional come through and give it a thorough scrubbing, it will pay you dividends. Also getting your roof replaced, Middletown Nj Roof Repair Near Me can help with issues you simply don’t want to deal with as a homeowner. Your house is not prepared to sell. Your Realtor should walk through your house with you and suggest ways to improve traffic flow, remove clutter, and do minor (or major) fix up or repair items. Buyers are willing to pay a premium for a house in move-in condition and will expect a deep discount for work they perceive they will have to do later, but if the house has been alone for a long time, it may need a more thoughtful cleaning and the use of a power washer service such as pressure washing america, llc could be really helpful for this purpose.
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  • You chose the wrong Realtor. Many Realtors use what we call the “Three P” method of selling your home. It typically goes like this:
  • 1. Put a sign in the yard.
  • 2. Put it in the MLS. And
  • 3. Pray someone else brings a buyer for it.
  • Our Three P method is a little different and more effective.
  • We 1. Guide and help you prepare your house for the market.
  • 2. Help you price it competitively based on the most recent comparable sales and current market conditions.
  • And 3. Promote it essentially all over the world. We syndicate your listing out to literally hundreds of websites that advertise real estate, promote it effectively on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, and many others.

During our 35+ years of experience, we’ve sold literally thousands of houses just like yours. We can sell yours too. Take a look at our testimonials and recommendations from sellers just like you and then give us a call to arrange a convenient, ‘no obligation’ meeting to talk about you, your wants and needs, your house, and how we can get it sold for you.

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