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Portsmouth NH Memorial Bridge with a ship passing through

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be standing on the Memorial Bridge in Portsmouth NH when one of those really, really big ocean going ships passed through it?

As Portsmouth residents that’s a fairly common sight we get to enjoy often. Here’s a video I made while standing on the bridge while the Moran Tugboats bring a huge ship into Portsmouth Harbor. The sirens you hear twice are the signal that the center lift span is fixing to either raise or lower.

The short ‘toots’ you hear several times are how the tugboat captains signal to each other what they need to do. Watching two or more of these tugs expertly guide a huge ship between two bridges to a safe dock is like watching poetry in motion.

Portsmouth NH Harbor is a working harbor and ship traffic is very common. Here’s one we see pretty often that hauls scrap metal to be recycled.

Portsmouth NH Harbor

Portsmouth NH Harbor is the destination of the Uni Challenge. She’s waiting at anchor for the tide to change.

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