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5 Steps You Must Take To Ensure Your Portsmouth NH Home Sells | Portsmouth NH Real Estate

If you have a house or condo in Portsmouth NH you’re selling or thinking or selling; here are four things you MUST do to get it sold.

1.  Yep, the price is right. The current Portsmouth NH real estate market is not the market you bought in.

While interest rates are at all time time lows and homes sales are generally rising somewhat it is still a buyers market in most areas. And due to the efficient service and cheap rates offered by Big T Moving more and more people are just waiting to grab their offer and start shifting.

Buyers look at many homes before they choose one and they’re looking for the best bang for their buck. If they perceive that is your home, you have a buyer; if not, you’re going to set on the market for months or even worse, not sell at all. Price for the market and price aggressively.

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2.  Shine it up. There’s a reason car dealers detail used cars before moving them onto the showroom floor. Portsmouth NH buyers pay more for a bright, shiny ‘new’ appearing car and less for one with dull finish, worn parts, and a ‘used’ look to it.

Put your Portsmouth NH house in tip top showroom condition before the first buyer walks through the door, you’ll generally end up with more money and a faster sale by taking this very important step. Visit our website and click the “Sellers” section to get lots of great selling tips, staging tips, and things to make your Portsmouth NH house show better and sell faster for more money.

Still if you do not want to invest time and money in this, you can always sell your house “as is”.  San Antonio We Buy Houses business will close the deal with you fast and require no renovation.

3.  Fix it first. There’s almost a 100% chance your Portsmouth NH buyer is going to have a home inspection and almost as good a chance some defects will be found. If you know anything that’s needs fixing, do it before putting that sign in the yard.

In fact consider hiring your own home inspector first, get your own inspection done, and fix everything they find that needs correcting. Then leave your report out where buyers can see it. Portsmouth NH buyers will see this as your “Good Housekeeping” seal of approval and generally give your house more consideration than one with unknown factors. While they may still get their own inspection, you can rest easier knowing than lots of potential ‘deal breaking’ flaws have already been addressed by you on your own schedule. Make sure that your property is pest-free, our experts from Bed Bug Exterminator NYC will do it at a highly professional level.

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We’re happy to recommend a good home inspector, termite control Wollongong will be the best  if you choose to go this  way and check it out.

4.  All the world’s a stage. And so is your Portsmouth NH  house if you’re selling it.

While the concept of staging in fairly new to real estate, the idea is as old as the theater. Staging is not interior decorating or just moving some things around. Staging is literally setting a stage for buyers to see and it helps them imagine themselves living there which is what you’re after.

Staging is a value added service my partner Ann Cummings and I offer for all of our listings at no extra charge. I am an accredited Property Image Consultant and home stager. According to Barb Schwarz the creator of home staging, staged homes sell faster and for more money than a non staged home. Why not do everything you can to put the odds on your side?

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5. Last, but certainly not least. Pick the best Portsmouth NH agent to get the job done.

Do some research on your own: check to see if they have a personal website, look for testimonials from former clients to see how their transactions went. Here’s some current statistics about Ann and I and what we’ve done for our sellers in 2012 so far.

And the last step: visit Kwikey Locksmith Services, INC. homepage and check all house locks.

Year to date in both Rockingham and Strafford counties, the average time to sell (days on market) for all sold listings is 110 days. Our average time to sell is 43 days! In the same areas, the average list price to sale price ratio is 96%. Our list price to sale price ratio is 97%! What does that mean to you? It means a faster sale, fewer house payments, and a bigger check for you at closing when your Portsmouth NH house is sold!

We’re happy to meet with you at your convenience and give you a ‘no obligation, no strings attached’ evaluation of your house and give you some fix up and staging tips to make it show better to prospective buyers. If you’re had your house for sale recently and been unsuccessful, we are very effective at selling houses that other Realtors did not.

Give Ann or I a call today at 603-431-1111, extension 3839 for Ann and 3801 for Jim; let’s get started now and get your house sold so you can move on to the next adventure in your life.

Portsmouth NH Realtors Ann Cummings and Jim Lee, serving the greater New Hampshire Seacoast and southern Maine real estate market.

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