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Portsmouth NH Homes | Happy Birthday America!

Portsmouth New Hampshire Homes Fourth of July 1776 Declaration of Independence

On July 4th, 1776 the American Second Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence from the British Crown. That date is generally accepted as the birth date of the United States of America!

After the successful American Revolution that followed, New Hampshire was admitted to this new union on June 21st, 1788 and was the ninth of the original 13 colonies. Go check this link right here now for information about real estate.

July 4th 2011, 235 years later, the United States of America celebrates another birthday. Today will be celebrated all across the country in various ways; parades, picnics, sporting events, and of course, lots of fireworks. July 4th is a federal holiday and also a state and local holiday in almost every local government office so everyone will have the opportunity to join in the celebrations.

Enjoy the day with your friends and family and don’t forget how it all stated, 235 years ago today, when a group of freedom loving men gathered to sign this document pledging “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” to free their lands from British rule.

Happy Birthday America!

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