Buy First, Sell Later with Ann & Jim

We often talk to many would-be home sellers, and there is a common thread in most of these conversations. “We would love to buy a new home, but we don’t want to sell our home before finding a new one.” The problem with that process is that sellers are reluctant to accept an offer contingent on the buyers selling their current home in today’s red hot seller’s market.

After some thought, we have a solution to that problem. We call it “Buy First, Sell Later” We have arranged with a local lender for our buyer and seller clients to get a temporary loan based on the equity in their current home and then use that equity for a down payment on a new home.

Here are some of the advantages to you.

  1. You can make a more substantial offer on the home you want to buy because it doesn’t have to be contingent on selling your current home to get the money to buy with.
  2. You can close on your new home and move in before putting your current home on the market. Imagine this; No showing hassles, No hoards of people tromping through your home, No loading and leaving for showings, and No worries about selling your current home before buying.

We will analyze your current financial situation with our lender partner to ensure you have enough equity to qualify for this problem and won’t be caught short when your existing home sells.

If “Buy First, Sell Later” is a program you would like to hear more about, we’re happy to sit down with you, explain the process, and go over the details. Put yourself in the happy picture below.

happy homebuyer with Ann and Jim

Give us a call today, and let’s arrange a convenient time to talk. Ann and Jim, 603-436-1221 direct.

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