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“King Tide” comes to Portsmouth New Hampshire

This past October 27th was a big event in Portsmouth New Hampshire and all along the New Hampshire Seacoast. It was the annual “King Tide” which is the highest tide of the year.

This super high tide occurs twice a year when the moon is closest to the earth and its gravitational pull is reinforced by the sun. It got the name “King Tide” from Pacific Island natives who named the high tides after their local king.

The fall 2011 King Tide had a photo contest sponsored by the Piscataqua Region Estuaries Partnership (PREP) and the challenge was to produce a photograph that best depicted the impact of this high tide on the Portsmouth area.

After driving by the Bratskellar Restaurant near my Portsmouth NH real estate office and seeing the daily high tides in the lower end of the parking lot almost every day, I thought that would be a natural spot to get a great photo of this tide’s impact. How many restaurants do you visit that has these sort of signs in their parking lot?

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Sure enough, on October 27th the King Tide came in with a vengeance. Here’s a before photo taken at low tide on the 26th and the “King Tide” the following day.

Portsmouth NH real estate Brakskellar Restaurant at low tide the day before the Kint Tide


And the biggest surprise of all; my photo won the Grand Prize!Below Jill Farrell from PREP caught up with King Tide Photo Contest Winner, Jim Lee recently to present the $250 grand prize.

portsmouth nh Realtor Jim Lee

That was a very nice surprise. In addition to the check they also enlarged my photo and gave me a nice copy.

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