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Buying a Portsmouth NH Home? COST is more important than the price.

We talk daily to potential homebuyers in the Portsmouth New Hampshire and other NH and southern Maine Seacoast areas. One common question we get is: “Do you think prices have hit bottom yet?” Not having a crystal ball we can’t answer that question accurately nor can anyone else. One thing we can say with accuracy […]

Portsmouth NH | Short Sale – Can I Do One?

First of all let’s define exactly what a short sale is. A “short sale” is a real estate transaction where the lender or lenders allow a property owner to sell that property for less than the mortgage balance causing them to get a ‘short” payoff, hence the term “short sale”.

Beautiful Portsmouth NH sunrise followed by moonrise

Visit for all New Hampshire & Maine real estate for sale. One of the many benefits of living and working on the New Hampshire Seacoast is the natural beauty all around.